On March 31, Xu Yufei, deputy chairman of the Zhejiang Provincial Committee of Civil Construction, deputy director of the Wenzhou People’s Congress Committee and Chairman of the Wenzhou Municipal Committee of Civil Construction, and his party went to Lucheng to visit member Enterprises Taili Industrial Co. , Ltd. and Wenzhou Zhongcheng Enterprise Co. , Ltd. , and held a seminar in Taili, listen to the epidemic prevention and control and resumption of production related to the briefing. Pang Jian, vice-chairman of the Civil Construction Wenzhou Municipal Committee, Jiang Hui, vice-chairman of the Lucheng District Political Consultative Conference and Chairman of the Lucheng grass-roots Committee, Jin Su, the first general committee chairman, Shao Jingye and Jiang Yanmiao, vice-chairmen of the Lucheng Grass-roots Committee, relevant personnel of the Publicity Department and Office of the Municipal Committee, the investigation and research on the Special Assistant of the grass-roots committee of Lucheng.
Before the forum, Xu Yufei and his delegation visited the workshop and Office of Taili and learned that Taili was in a good state of resuming work and production under the situation of prevention and control. Xu Yufei expressed full recognition of Taili’s work. At the seminar, the General Manager of Taili Industrial Co Ltd, Shao Jingye, and the head of Wenzhou Zhongcheng Enterprise Co Ltd, Lin Wei, reported on the development of the company, the situation of resuming work and production, and the existing problems respectively, zheng Wen, Jiang Yanmiao, Zhang Jianhua, Wang Qin, Huang Xiaoli, Ye Hui, Xu Zhongzhou, he Zhou, Zhang Lisheng, Dave Wong and other representatives of Lucheng member entrepreneurs made a speech on suggestions such as resuming work and production, foreign trade, financing difficulties, shrinking sales, and the need to adjust related policies, jiang Hui, chairman of the grass-roots Committee of Lucheng, made a report to the investigation group on Epidemic Prevention, anti-epidemic, resumption of work and resumption of production and the next stage of work.
At the meeting, Xu Yufei listened attentively, took detailed notes, raised questions from time to time, and finally made a speech. She fully affirmed Lucheng grass-roots committees and members and member enterprises in the fight against the epidemic in the outstanding performance of the current member enterprises to resume work and production status expressed satisfaction and satisfaction. She pointed out that this visit to Lucheng Research, mainly to visit the condolences entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs to listen to advice. At the forum, the enthusiastic speeches of the entrepreneurs provided a lot of valuable information and inspiration for the work of the grass-roots committee of Lucheng in the future. Xu Yufei took this opportunity to put forward three requirements: First, as an organization of participating political parties, they should unite as one, to actively participate in politics and perform their duties; second, to provide good services to members and member enterprises, and to deploy and carry out good information exchange and mutual assistance within the conference; Third, to hope that members and member entrepreneurs will meet the crisis with a higher vision and a bigger pattern, and turn the crisis into an opportunity, to shoulder social responsibility and contribute to Wenzhou’s high-quality economic and social development.


Post time: Apr-02-2020